Capital Injection Ceramics Invests in New Technology

Capital Injection Ceramics, Inc (CIC) is investing in new technology to deliver even better services to customers.

CIC, which is part of Capital Refractories’ group, produces ceramic cores for the investment casting industry and has now grown its capabilities with the addition of a blue light scanner.

The business, which specialises in industrial gas turbines and aerospace ceramic cores, primarily blades and vanes, will use this state-of-the-art technology for new ceramic core development and First Article Inspection Reports which provide a complete dimensional analysis of core to drawing.
There are many benefits from using a blue light scanner as part of the development and production process at CIC. These benefits include: reduced scrap rate, reduced development time and, enhanced communication for clients.

Reduced scrap rates are achieved with the scanner through an increased understating of how the core changes from injection to after the kiln cycle is complete. This information also allows for a more accurate reformer adjustments of the core after injection.

The development time is also reduced as the blue light scanner allows for a complete dimensional analysis of every surface of the core and how it compares to the customer’s requirements.

The technology also gives a clear visual representation of the core and its dimensions, which then allows the customer to achieve a better understanding of how the core will work in their investment casting process.

A spokesman for CIC said: “Immediate results are already being realised as a result of the addition of the blue light scanner. Increased product yields and process consistency is of great benefit to both our clients and CIC.”

Capital Injection Ceramics Invests in New Technology