CIC Materials

CIC Materials

CIC has developed a unique and growing range of material qualities for most applications.

  • Ceramic cores suitable for casting by Equiax, Directional Solidification and Single Crystal processes.
  • Nickel, chrome & cobalt based, stainless steels, high temperature, aluminium.
  • Exceptionally stable core bodies with very high tolerance.
  • Dimensional control achieved through advanced green core reforming techniques.
  • Core setters can be used for dimensional control if required.
  • Range of shrinkages to suit customers’ existing tooling.

Below is a table showing our standard product mixes. Mixes can be varied to suit a customer's needs.

Mix Description Use
CIC1 Used for large land base type cores with good stability Nickel-based equiax, DS (directional solidification) castings
CIC2 High silica core material Nickel-based equiax, DS alloys
CIC3 Silica-based core material with high temperature stability Nickel-based equiax, DS and SX (single crystal) castings
CIC4 Silica-based core material with good high temperature stability DS and SX castings
CIC5 Silica-based core material with good high temperature stability. Particularly suited where hot tearing is a problem Nickel-based equiax, DS and SX castings

All products can be strengthened by one of two treatments that increase strength by a factor of up to 4 times.